MAXEI Group: innovating businesses

The different MAXEI Group businesses have always been at the leading edge of innovation in order to better meet they customers’ expectations and anticipate their future needs.
This ability to adapt, which is one of the secrets of their long lives, explains why they are still one of their market leaders.

Today our R&D investments have increased through the creation of partnerships with schools and laboratories in order to evolve our product lines to make them even more effective, more reliable and simpler, while perfectly adapting to all our customer requirements.

The integration of the latest technology makes it possible to have increasingly advanced product automation to offer users a high level of safety and user-friendly intuitive interfaces making it easier to drive on site or remotely via internet or GSM.

Our highly qualified engineers and technicians use powerful 3D design and simulation tools and effective production resources to make sure our customers benefit from highly competitive value for money.

Our online transformer oil regeneration machine, amongst the most efficient and innovating, or the commercialisation of the first automated water distribution system manufacture machine for the building industry show our know-how and our will to maintain our position as leader in our different fields of activity

This know-how also allows us to accompany you in all your industrial projects from design consultancy to guide you towards the most relevant technical options, to turnkey manufacture and the customer service for your installation.