Specific equipment

Considering its long experience in oil treatment and the know-how of its design office, ARRAS MAXEI can propose a full range of specific derived products such as:

  • Oil warming systems
  • Vacuum drying unit with one to three stages making it possible to plan transformer drying and filling operations by directly creating a vacuum in the tank (on condition that its construction allows this)
  • A filtering unit with a 1 micron or more filter cartridge on request
  • A filling unit composed of an oil tank with its pump and its filtering unit to fill tanks at atmospheric pressure
  • Oil mill
  • Other fluid treatment


Examples of production:

> Installation for dielectric and base oil treatment directly on output from the refinery (from 500 to 50 ppm of water in a single pass)
> Installation to treat and fill cables with oil (notably under-sea cables)
> Installation for FC72 treatment (perfluorocarbon)
> Installation for the treatment, drying and filling of radiology sheaths with oil

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