Our furnace line meets the different requirements of manufacturers and maintenance contractors in the field of coils, ranging from atmospheric or vacuum drying, to resin polymerisation or varnish burning.

The main application, however, remains the drying of the active parts of transformers. In fact, many porous materials are used to manufacture a transformer (wood, paper, cardboard, etc.). By their very nature, or because of the process used to manufacture them, they originally contain water, and even if they are perfectly dried they rehydrate to balance with the humidity rate of the ambient atmosphere. Even though this water content is low, it is sufficient to significantly deteriorate their insulating properties. The drying phase for the active part of the transformer is therefore essential to give it its reliability over time, especially in the field of high voltage.

During the drying operation it is not rare to evaporate over 100 litres of water from 90 tonne or more active parts.


The drying operation can be carried out by hot air ventilation in an atmospheric furnace, but the drying times quickly become too excessive for an industrial application. Vacuum drying is therefore the solution due to its performances which divide both drying time and energy consumption by at least 2 or 3.