Sans-titre-4For over a century our ENERGY division has been designing and producing machines and equipment for the electricity industry, especially for the power coil sector.

Its current offer is based on three product lines:

  • Power transformer oil processing and/or regeneration machines (operating with the transformer shut down or running).
  • Atmospheric or vacuum furnaces to dry the active parts of transformers, polymerise resins and varnishes or burn coils.
  • Vacuum and/or pressurised resin impregnation stands.

energy_presOur design office know-how allows us to offer our customers an extensive range of options and to customise our products according to all their requirements. We can also propose other equipment such as oil mills.

Arras Maxei’s long experience alongside the permanent improvements to our products are a guarantee of performance, savings and reliability while providing maximum safety and ease of use for your operating staff.

Our customer service can quickly deliver your spare parts or intervene anywhere in the world. To help you better control your annual budget we can also propose maintenance contracts adapted to your needs and upgrade your machines with the latest technological developments.