Bannière ARRAS


Bannière PROCESS V2 (petit)

MAXEI Group designs and manufactures a wide range of tools and capital goods to meet the requirements of many industrial customers spread over all five continents.

Our motto: « you key partner for sucess »

which perfectly sums up our will to go further than being just a supplier, and to accompany your projects by giving you advice from our engineers on the most relevant solutions to optimise your production and maintenance resources, to increase your competitiveness and to help you to successfully face your future challenges.

The group is composed of 2 companies: ARRAS MAXEI & BOUHARMONT .

Thanks to its MAXEI brand which is globally recognised for it performances and the reliability of its equipment for transformer and rotating machine manufacture and maintenance processes, the group is currently a world leader on this market with over 2500 installations sold world wide.

Our reputation is built on our high level of requirements, our technical expertise and our dynamic innovation policies. This is part of our business DNA which was already seen as a pioneer in 1950 when it commercialised its first family of machines to process transformer oil, which has been continuously perfected over the years. Our latest oil regeneration system which can operate autonomously in complete safety, even on installations that are running, is a perfect illustration of this.

Our technical mastery, especially in the field of vacuums and thermo-dynamics, allows us to offer coil professionals a very complete line of products customisable to order or of specific installations which are designed, manufactured and delivered turn-key.

This multi-discipline know-how acquired by our design offices for the design of our own products is now available to other industrial sectors to help them create and manufacture more reliable and effective production equipment, from complex machinery to complete specialised machines.

By choosing us you will be sure to get the answers best suited to your needs, however specific they may be.